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02 May 2006 @ 07:56 pm
Small Victories  
Title: Small Victories
Author: femslashqueen AKA privateuniverse AKA Jacqueline Lauren Hope
Fandom: The west Wing
Pairing: Ann Stark/Andrea Wyatt
Rating: TV-MA
Taboos: Adultery, not exactly consensual bondage, voyeurism, masturbation
Additional Warnings: Femslash
Prompt: contrary, estranged, alien, exotic
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine, if I lived in Sorkinverse I's have no need to write fanfic, please don't sue, I'm just a poor politics student
Words: 1,528
Spoilers: There is nothing remotely related to explicit spoilers but timeline wise it is set around the time of the flashbacks in Debate Camp.
Summary: It amazes her that after all this time, years (or maybe it's been a decade now) she is so willing to go to her (even after Andy had married Toby).
Written for: dooooooom
A/N: The prompts have been reduced to subtext, very deep subtext, this is not the story I had originally planned on using, I couldn't get that one finished in time but this one works almost as well. Minor Characters are love, especially when the minor characters are played by Bird York and Felicity Huffman.

“Fuckwit,” she says out loud to no one in particular as she hangs up. The phone almost instantly starts to ring again and she would have let it ring out had it not been been easier in that moment to answer it and deal with whatever the asshole on the other end wanted than tolerate the pounding sensation the monotonous ringing sent through her entire body (if only the aspirin would start working). If it was Mosley she wasn't even going to tear him a new one, (much as he deserved it), that could wait and anyway she had lost that fight (that job should have been hers).

She picks up the phone and answers it trying to hide her irritation, “Hello, Ann Stark.”

“Um...” There is a pause but she already knows who is on the other end, it's Andy Wyatt and that one uncertain word (though Ann's not sure that 'um' is a word, in fact she's fairly sure it's not) says volumes, Andy's voice is high, cracked, it sounds as if it may break with the next syllable that escapes her lips. “Hi...” she finally continues and sure enough her voice breaks, there is a long silence (or at least it feels long) followed by a muffled sob and then a gasping sigh “Toby... Toby...” she sobs before trailing off.

“Are you at home?” she asks, her arm reaching almost involuntarily across her desk, to one of the visitors chairs, for her overcoat and her feet search underneath her desk for her shoes, it amazes her that after all this time, years (or maybe it's been a decade now) she is so willing to go to her (even after Andy had married Toby).

“Yes.” Andy replies simply her voice considerably calmer now, the calmness makes Ann smile, she's not quite sure why (she usually prefers Andy pissed off, distressed or both).

“I'll be there in 20 minutes.” Ann replies standing up, adjusting her feet in her shoes and slipping on her coat.


Ann walks up to the front door of Andy's house, her car is parked around the corner, just in case (in case of what she isn't quite sure, if Toby comes home and walks in on them, the fact that she is fucking his wife is going to be monumentally more damaging than her car being parked in the driveway and she finds it highly unlikely the press would ever get involved).

She smiles again when she sees the note on the front door, 'Come in, I'm in the bath, the key is under the mat.' it says in Andy's loopy scrawl. Ann opens the door and lets herself in, hanging her coat neatly over the coat rack in the entry and kicking off her shoes, in the living room she finds a bottle of almost empty merlot sitting on the coffee table, she reaches for it and drains it's remaining contents in one swig, (she's feeling much better than she did before but her headache still lingers, Andy, she's sure will take care of that) throwing the bottle in the recycling before heading upstairs.

Ann can hear her through the bathroom door, Andy's low throaty moans reverberate through her whole body causing her to shudder and tingle as she strips off her clothes, right there in the hall (a split second decision, normally Andy likes to undress her and Ann likes being the submissive one, if only for a second and Andy is a bit of a neat freak, another precaution it's really too late to take) now she wishes she had her shoes, Ann decides she likes that visual, completely naked with the exception of a pair of five inch heels (maroon velvet Manolo Blahnik's, the only pair of heels she owns) and she knows Andy would appreciate it, oh well too late for that now.

Ann opens the door and gasps at the sight before her, her nipples instantly hardening. Andy is lying back against the side of the narrow side of the corner tub, facing the door, her legs open wide. Her shapely calves lying against the opposite edge of the tub with her long narrow feet dangling over the edge, her milky almost translucent skin and the porcelain of the tub almost meld into one. Ann's eyes travel upwards, over Andy's supple thighs, just begging to be touched. Her hand is casually draped between her thighs, her fingers massaging her clit, the contrast between the skin of her arm and her neatly trimmed, flame red pubic hair is a thing of pure beauty. Her stomach muscles are rippling, almost hypnotically and you know she is close to coming. Her other hand is stroking her breasts, long, agile fingers rolling her hard nipples between them. Tendrils of her hair caressing her chest like flames. Her head is thrown back, the tendons of her neck protruding just waiting to be kissed and sucked, her skin flushed. Her lips are slightly parted, swollen and red, cheeks flushed the same color are her neck, her eyes are almost closed, Ann takes a second to drink in the image before leaning down and taking Andy's toe in her mouth.

Andy's eyes fly open and she pulls her foot back, and stops what she is doing (Andy's ability to control herself never ceases to amaze you), shaking her head, a smile spreading over her face. “Hello.” She says as she makes one fluid movement twisting 180 degrees so her face is only inches from Ann's, the huskiness of her voice and the sensation of her hot breath against Ann's cool skin sending another shudder through Ann's whole body.

“This I like.” She continues tracing a wet finger across Ann's collarbone.

Ann smiles, whispering “I thought you might,” as she leans in to kiss Andy's still parted lips, she is confused for a second as Andy pulls away and reaches over the side of the tub, grinning as she faces Ann again, two of Toby's ties and a pair of sheer silk black pantyhose in her hand.

“Give me your wrists.” Andy commands taking the one of the ties and straightening it out, Ann falters momentarily before complying (she could never tell Andy that she has never done this before and that it in all honesty scares her a little).

Andy expertly binds Ann's wrists together, behind her back, “Stand up,” Andy says firmly, Ann does as she is told and Andy slowly, deliberately exhales over Ann's sex as she ties the pantyhose around Ann's upper thighs, dragging the soft fabric over her inner thighs, “Sit down, give me your ankles.” Andy instructs, her voice almost robotic (Ann decides that Andy is even sexier when she is the dominant one). “Now what?” Ann asks as Andy ties the final knot in the bind around her ankles.

“Nothing, just sit there and watch.” Andy replies resuming her semi-reclining position legs dangling over the edge of the tub, she starts massaging her breasts again and Ann is overwhelmed with the desire to touch herself.

Ann watches with intense fascination (and increasing frustration) as Andy moves her hand downward across her taught stomach, around the curve of her hip down fold of her groin and on to her inner thigh, Ann tries her best to concentrate on where Andy is touching herself, tries to commit it to memory for next time (if there is a next time) Andy finally works her way to her clit and lets out a deep groan as she brushes her fingers against it, Ann strains against the binds as her hips buck forward involuntarily.

Andy quickens the strokes against her clit as she enters herself first with two fingers, then with three, she starts to move her hips in rhythm with her strokes, lifting herself tantalisingly close to Ann's face, Ann tries to reposition herself, she is aching from the desire now but nothing works, the binds are too tight and she is stuck.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God.” Andy starts to gasp as every muscle in her body contracts, Ann can see her Andy's muscles tighten and she is desperate to touch her, she writhes against the binds, as she starts begging.

“Andy, please, Andy untie me.” Ann's gasps are futile drowned out by Andy's screams as she comes, Ann tries desperately to free herself as she watches Andy's whole body flush bright red, she moans as a contented smile spreads across Andy's face.

Andy is still for a second before she leans over and kisses Ann across the collarbone before whispering “You have to go.”

“What?” Ann exclaims in protest, every nerve in her body tingling in anticipation of what is not going to come.

“You have to go.” Andy says again, more firmly this time.

“Please... don't...” Ann whispers as Andy starts undoing the binds.

“Sorry.” Andy says coldly, sucking Ann's inner thigh between words.

“Then stop, please.” Ann says her whole body shaking knowing that for the second time that day she has lost (how could she have been so stupid, this has never been about mutual need?)

“Okay,” Andy replies, withdrawing her mouth, a small victory.
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instantkarma_x2 on July 1st, 2006 07:21 am (UTC)
Hope you don't mind me adding you. You're a fan of the Ryan/Kirsten and femslash and I just wanna have you in my flist incase I need to read some good fic. :)